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Keep your pet’s shots up to date with a nationwide valid immunization record;

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Keep your pet's health record, photos, and other documents on your phone;

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What our users are saying about Guiavet App:

“This app is wonderful; it helps me a lot with my doubts, and the veterinarians are very attentive and helpful. This service is fantastic. Thank you for keeping track of our health and helping us since the beginning, thanks to your help, I will definitely be able to have him with me more…”

Estefany's pet is a black cat with yellow eyes


Tchalla's guardian

"The Guiavet app is helping me a lot, answering all my doubts about my dogs' health, especially one named Zeus, who is very weak but with a strong will to live. Through the veterinarian who attended us, I could extend my knowledge and treat my friend Zeus better."

Pet owner with his white dog

Diego Sampaio

 Guardian of Max, Aeron, Zeus, Mima, Dudu, and Tigresa

"Guiavet professionals are amazing! Even though I live in a different state, I have your support and feel well cared for! My Sophie greatly improved from a very delicate condition, and the Guiavet team played a fundamental role in supporting and answering everything I needed! I am incredibly grateful! My Sophie is doing great! My other two pets, Thor and Hachi, are also taken care of by this excellent team! Congratulations!!!"

pet image white dog

Katia Simões

Sophie's guardian

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Guiavet a health insurance plan?

No, we are not a health insurance plan. We are a healthcare network and we help you take control of your pets' health easily anywhere you are. Through the app, you can record all reminders and documents for your animals, keep them organized and easily accessible, and share them with the professionals you need. Additionally, you can get your questions answered online with veterinarians, request in-person appointments when needed, and have a network of services at your disposal whenever you need them.

What is telemedicine / teleconsultation?

Veterinary telemedicine is a tool we can use to communicate with veterinary professionals remotely, utilizing technology for this interaction. Within the definition of the CFMV (Conselho Federal de Medicina Veterinária), there are a number of services that can be described as veterinary telemedicine, including teleorientation, which we can have online interactions for guidance and solving doubts without the prior in-person contact between the animal and the veterinarian.

Can I register more than one pet?

Yes! You are welcome to register as many pets as you would like. There is no limit to the number of pets within our app; all are welcome here!

Does teleorientation replace a veterinary consultation?

No, teleorientation is a complement to your pet's health, where you can consult a professional whenever you have doubts about your animal's health and well-being. However, in cases of urgency and emergency or when there is a need to administer medication to your animal, it will require an in-person consultation with a veterinarian. You can request home visits through your app.

Why does Guiavet's vaccination card have the same validity as the paper vaccination card?

Guiavet's vaccination card allows you to register all your pet's vaccinations according to the mandatory information on the label and send a notification to the veterinarian who administered them, so they can sign it digitally. This allows the issuance of a PDF certificate with the professional's signature, which can be used for travel, send it to other interested professionals, and keep it on hand whenever you need it. The best part is that this tool is free for both you and your pet's veterinarian!